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Falling through map after 5 minutes of playing


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Hello Guys,


i play 7 days since 2013 and have loved it ever since then. Recently a friend I’m playing with for 3 years got a new router when he moved, everything worked fine until one day we started playing a new server and I teleported him because i copied an old player file from an older server and he spawned in the water on the new map. Ever since when playing for like 5 minutes he gets the error in the image, the sound drops and he can’t advance to other chunks, he drops, that usually happens after the starting quest when advancing to the trader. 

We think it’s a network issue since he can play normally when connected per Hot Spot via iPhone. We tried everything in the “support rules thread”. We resetted his network on the pc, we resetted his router , we deleted the game including reg files.

I set up the the server different multiple times , he can’t also join other servers with his home router.

That doesn’t fit the theory above with the player files though. 


he tried to play with the router connected to his MacBook which also doesn’t work. 

We don’t know what to do anymore.


thanks and best regards 



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