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A suggestion for the chicken and the feather problem...


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Hey pimps...
How about this idea for nests and eggs?
Put 2 eggs into a nest and you allow the player to pick it up allowing 'psudo' egg farming within the boundaries of current lootmap rules. The eggs are consumed.
(Making sure the birds come back next season dontcha know?)
Players can get 'more' because they know where the nests are.

Balancing Suggestions:
*Allow Coyotes, Foxes, Wolves and Vultures to raid the nests. (Destruction is fine. Hardest part of keeping chickens is keeping foxes, coyotes and wolves out. 😉 )
*Player-Placed nests only produce 1 egg and 1/2 feathers every [Loot Respawn Days]
-Exception for player proximity

Development Thoughts:
Players have to invest to get a large supply and the needed materials are 'vital' (Eat or get more later?)
Minimal work for the pimps.
Doesnt disrupt early-game food-balance.
Boosts Early-Mid-game food production. (Eggs fall off after large farms take off anyway) Also provides gardenless folks a means to survive.
Promotes non-city exploration by finding the initial needed eggs.
Allows new/updated recipies like Ramen Noodle with Egg, Muffins and Pastries and added egg for balance reasons if applicable.
Allows reduction on amount of placed nests in the world, saving some minor amount of system resources.
Potential Simplification of nest loot table leading to efficiency increase when looting nests.
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