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Water-based, "Wilderness" POI's


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There has been a long desire to have "off shore" style POI's that will generate within the ocean/border areas.  Things like Offshore Oil Rigs, floating cities, houseboats, Naval Vessels, Cargo ships, etc.   Is there any way possible for the game to include the ability to spawn "ocean wilderness" POI's at the surface level of the ocean (not the ocean floor - which is uneven and would cause problems for setting the proper "height" of a POI)?   Ocean POI's would require a tag - such as "ocean" in order for them to spawn in this 'biome."   


While I do realize there is the whole stability issue with objects that are sitting on water, but this can be worked around using custom, 'invisible" blocks that could support any "floating" POI down to the ocean surface or even the bedrock - as we would know the default height of the ocean surface (currently at 30 blocks from bedrock).  

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Perhaps RWG could extend the POI's lowest level of blocks down to the ground under the water. Then, POIs in pylons would automatically extend to the bottom. Or, if you wanted a floating POI, you would have a layer of water at the bottom of your POI.

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With my experiments with the Swamp Tiles, I have been able to place POI markers on the surface of the water.  That way, I could pre-build the POI with pylons - along with with the encompassed water - into the poi so that you dont end up with air gaps in the water beneath the POI.   I thought of doing a underwater biome decor modlette using Prefabs, but this would spawn them on the ocean floor - which has variable depths (plus they wouldn't be questable).   But spawning the POI markers on the surface of the water, you would know how deep to make your POI pylons since the water level defaults at 30 blocks (at least currently).  So - in theory - you could make your supporting pylons reach all the way down to bedrock, and it wouldn't matter what level the ocean floor is.   


Just my thought processes on this.. I've been tossing this around in my head since I make the Maunsell Fort POI - I'd really like it to be able to spawn in the ocean rather than a tiny, pre-made lake...    ;) 



Of course - it would also be awesome if we could have a tile system that can spawn in/on water.....    :)


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