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Advanced Random World Generator Suggestions


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A couple of suggestions/requests for the Advanced Random World Generator:


First, although the map preview is nice, in most cases a lot of us don't need/want them, and even the lowest quality preview can take quite a bit of extra time to generate.  Could you please add the option "None" for the Preview Quality so we can bypass that and be able to jump straight into the game.


Secondly:  As a prefabber, I end up generating a lot of maps in order to run tests (I know I'm not the only one who does this):  I'm always having to reset all of the options in order to get the optimal map for what I'm working with.  Could you somehow either allow us to save and have a list of map presets, or at the very least have the screen "remember" the last settings used?  This would save us a lot of time and provide for some consistency.

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Also, it would be nice to be able to launch a new game directly from the advanced RWG screen.  Far to many times than I'd like to admit, I'll jump out of the RWG generator without looking for what map name was created, and I'll have to go and dig into my Generated Worlds folder to find out which was the most recently created one...   🤪


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