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All Night Gamers - Darkness Falls I PvE


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We also have a Darkness Falls server. Come on down and have some all-night fun!



  • Server IP:
  • Game Port: 27900
  • Game Version: A 20.5
  • Darkness Falls Version: 4.0.3
  • Difficulty: Survivalist



  • 24 Hour Cycle: 90 Minutes / Daylight Length: 18 - Default daytime: 4:00
  • Max Zombies: 100
  • Max Animals: 50
  • Advanced
  • Player/ AI Block Damage: 100%
  • Loot Abundance: 100% / Re-spawn Time: 30 Days
  • Drop on Death: Everything/ Drop on Quit: Nothing
  • Blood Moon Count: 8



  • PvE only - No Killing
  • Claim size: 51 Blocks/ Claim Duration: 7 Days



  • PvE only
  • No active base raiding, don't claim a POI, build close to a trader and don't build or within 200 blocks of any city.
  • Respect other players and the admins. 
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