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Alternative Harder Start


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Since y'all are looking for a way to slow the start and emphasize survival a bit more, can I suggest adding an RWG option to allow for alternative starting locations and alternative starting equipment?


One start (the current start) is your friend Noah, giving you a bottle of water, can of chilli, bandage, and a torch and then leaving you approximately 300m from a Trader.


An alternative start is the Duke rolling your naked, unequipped body out of the back of a truck in desert mountains at the start of a sunny day about 5km away from a town with no indication of where a Trader might be, and zero free skill points. Maybe Traders are allied to the Duke and won't let you into their place except the first trader you find and only between 2130 and 2145 when none of the Duke's clan are watching. The other Traders won't deal with you at all until the first Trader refers you to them.

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