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Lost Binaries after a single play

Ryu Oki

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This started a couple months ago after an update, and has been a nuisance since.  I play just one time, and upon exiting the game, I encounter a problem of "missing binaries" the next time I try to run it again.  It requires a full file integrity scan, which it finds one file error.  Upon steam trying to fix it, it presents me with another error stating a lack of permissions will not allow the game to update.   I literally have to restart my PC, then it will run the update and allow me to play the game, one more time before once again, giving me the error message all over again, cause a repetitious rinse repeat cycle.   No other games on the same drive give me permission errors when they update, or lose their file data like this.    I have enjoyed a few thousand hours of the game over several years (probably since A12 or 13 maybe even older).  And look forward to the progress you are making.   I am open to any ideas as to what the problem is, and how to resolve it.  In the meantime, I will continue to "verify integrity" of the game files, restart my computer every time I want to run the game and finish a half second download to remedy the missing file each time I start it.   

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