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Can't connect to server


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I created a new 7DaysToDie server on a Linux box I rent. I used vinanrra/Docker-7DaysToDie docker image and it seems to be starting and it is displaying in the server list for Join but when I try to connect I get an error "Could not retrieve server ID"

Startup logs are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/17mp67vX12-WOPpYePy5mGryHx9xOFZErOWfDpa3_bDA/edit?usp=sharing

I can connect to the ports that are needed as I understand it.

$ nc -zv 26900
Connection to port 26900 [tcp/*] succeeded!
$ nc -zvu 26900
Connection to port 26900 [udp/*] succeeded!
$ nc -zvu 26901
Connection to port 26901 [udp/*] succeeded!
$ nc -zvu 26902
Connection to port 26902 [udp/*] succeeded!

I had asked on the Docker's git and the dev says the logs look fine to them.


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