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Game Options - Fog Settings for Feral Sense and Speed


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(1) Feral Sense and Fog


I'd like the option to turn on Feral Sense when the weather was foggy. The idea being the environment would become less predictable. I might be raiding a POI when suddenly the weather changes and Zs on the street become more likely to notice me. I've tried the other options (Night, Day, All) and end up turning off Feral Sense because it is too common. Maybe fog isn't the best trigger, but something that makes it more of a random event. Fog can be spooky and semi-rare, so it seemed like a nice trigger.


(2) Zombie Fog Speed


We have the ability to set Zombie speeds for Day, Night, Feral, and Blood Moon. How about a Fog Speed? Fog is kind of like darkness. Maybe Z's jog during fog by default?


BTW, I love horde nights out in the open with no horde base when it is foggy. The Z's come out of the fog a few blocks ahead of you. Listening to your environment becomes really important and quick reactions are needed more.

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