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Is it possible to overhaul all perks?


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I'm thinking of making an RPG mod thats significantly harder.


Has anyone seen any mod or know if you can change every perk name and effect and only serverside xml only?


I've seen some quest mods like ReQuests


I've not seen any class system that messes with the builtin perks and reworks that. It would be nice though.




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Darkness Falls is an example of a mod that overhauls the perk systems and introduces classes to the game.  There is also a sorcery mod that probably does the same thing.


I believe both of those mods are required to be installed on both ends (client and server) but that is because both of them introduce new assets.  If you are just changing the xml files, you can do it server side only (I think).

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Yes.  I edited perks on my game through the progression.xml file (changed names, changed effects, even added one).  All of those changes worked.


I am just not able to say with 100% confidence that it will work since I play SP so my server and client are the same (so I can't test it out as confirmation).  But I am 90% confident that if you make those changes on the server progression.xml file that they should download to all clients as the server settings take priority over client settings.

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