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Explain to me the logic behind Zombie type kill XP


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As far as I can tell, there is only two types, generous (one shot one kill oooh nice 400xp) and 'AHAHAHAHAH you spent all thouse resources on that fat @%$#, here is 750xp'


I guess there is another MOD that "fixes" that?

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What? There's nothing to fix there pal. 🤨

There's normal zombies like the Mechanic, the Business Man, the Nurse. There's tougher ones, like Big Boy, Big Mama, Soldiers, Bikers and they give more XP. Then there's Feral versions of any zombies existing, they have yellow glowing eyes and they're also tougher and give even more XP. You have radioactive zombies.

You know, like any other RPG-based game, the tougher the monster is, the more XP you get.

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ASSuming the wiki list is up to date, this is what I mean.  I can one shot these guys from the crouch and behind for 400xp each with lvl 2 bow and stone arrows:


The the following take more than 2, usually about 5 shots, mainly because the first shot is not a kill and once they turn you dont get the damage xplier:  Except the highlighted ones, those are usually one shot one kill as above.


I mean not a head shot  so the first list I think are all 400xp and the second list other than Bloated and Utility are 750xp, but they take considerably more effort 5X not equivalent to the alsmot 2x xp.


I have killed a couple of puking cops and a burn zombie, but those were hectics moments and didnt notice the xp gain.  I am sure BFT has a fancy sheet queing up :).


A bear is an arrow sponge for 750xp.  It just doesnt seem to scale based on the  hardness of the kill /shrugs.  Maybe the first list should only be 100xp EA hehe.


Explanation better?  Or I just need to shaddap and play? :)

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Basic zombies, your slow shamblers during the day, give 400xp.


Advanced zombies are 750xp. Yes, they take more damage and are more dangerous - this is to make the game a bit harder. It's also meant to encourage HEADSHOTS HEADSHOTS HEADSHOTS as well as to encourage investment into perk trees which up dismemberment chance, headshot damage, base damage, etc.


Some zombies will have a lot more HP for not much more XP. Others are cake and give XP like crazy considering how easy they are to kill. It's going to vary.


Bears and other animals shouldn't be killed for XP anyway. The real treat they give is the meat and fat they give you, which turns into nummy stew or steaks.


Besides, once you start getting involved with high-end weapons and guns you won't notice a huge difference, you'll just be moving through them like a lawnmower through a weedy field.

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There are "Normal" Zombies, "Tough" Zombies, and "Special" Zombies.  They do increasing amounts of damage, have increasing amounts of HP, and sometimes armor. 

Each one of those has a "Regular" version, a "Feral" version (Fast and Aggressive), and a "Radiated" version (Regenerates HP).  Again they do increasing amounts of damage, have increasing amounts of HP, sometimes armor, and special abilities.

Each box of that 9 X 9 matrix gives a different and scaled level of base XP for each zombie kill.  Base XP also increases as a player increases the game difficulty.  (400Xp for the normal and regular is the default IIRC. 

Each increasing level of Zombie means more effort and resources for less XP return.  The HP and resources required scale faster than the XP from the kill.  It's just the way the XP gain is structured.   Very few games rely on a linear progression of experience.

PS The list provided from the wiki does not appear complete or accurate.  It does not have the specials and what is quoted, does not highlight the three versions of each of those.

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