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Mod Request: zombies seek out the player

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Okay so I posted this idea in the Nexus forums and it's not getting a lot of reach, so I'm reposting here because I think it's a really good idea. So the premise is that zombies should be more aware of their surroundings in the ways that #1: sound should travel further, so that a gunshot or explosion alerts zombies more than the seemingly capped range of about 50-100m (I tested this but don't know the exact number because there's no rangefinder in the game afaik), and #2: the player should generate heat wherever they go and zombies should be able to detect and seek out heat after it has accumulated to a certain level. The reason I think this is a good idea is that I feel like wandering hordes didn't really present much of a threat, being that they all spawned in the same spot (I play with bloodmoons disabled and Duriel's increased zombie spawns and horde size). If zombies came from every direction then it would be more accurate to a zombie apocalypse and present more of a threat by surrounding you. This would also make stealth a little more important of a gameplay mechanic by punishing those that go in guns blazing. Also even though it makes it harder to survive using brute force, this could be beneficial to players who prefer that method by supplying more enemies to fight without having to rely on and wait for bloodmoons or for a wandering horde to spawn. 

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45 minutes ago, B33fj3rky44 said:

No I haven't. I suppose I can give it a shot but it seemed like from the description that it wasn't what I was looking for.


It changes the experience, especially in populated areas where more zombies can be drawn towards the player. 


At the very least, it could be a stepping stone between what you play now and what you would like in a mod.

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