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A20.4 Server errors, rented HostHavoc Server


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I have never done a 7d2d server before and rented one for my kids and a couple friends the other day. I set it up with War of the Walkers mod and it's been lagging my console reports 150% ram usage and alot of errors. I am trying to find out if they are errors I can fix, or if purchasing more ram would help. Below is a screenshot of usage and a pastebin.




when putting in a ticket to host havoc this is the question and reply i got



I am trying to figure out how to reduce lag on the server with only 3 of us on the ram usage say 150%. Is the only way to increase the ram by upgrading ram or does increasing amount of slots on the server change the amount of ram allowed also.

And if the only way is upgrading the ram is the amounts shown in the screenshot below per month or per my billing period which is quarterly?




Neither would assist with lag, I recommend looking at your resources such as settings or mods.


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