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MickkPewPews Server side Zombies 20.5


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On 6/2/2022 at 5:53 AM, chikuwa said:

Thank you for the fun zombies
Isn't this zombie spawning only in the wasteland?

Howdy, Yes they will spawn in the wasteland only, if you want it to be exclusively Admin spawns simply delete the "entitygroups.xml" file from the mod :)

I will be working on less powerful zombies/bosses for other zones of the game too but they're getting tricky to balance with lots of new players still learning the game.

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Yeah it should be compatible, if anything is going to go wrong it's the physics.xml file, simply delete it and there shouldn't be any conflict then if any.

I designed some of those zombies for servers to take on, I'm sure they'll give your players a good fight :)

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