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Settlement and Map Missions


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Suggestions for "End Game" missions are common. I had a couple of ideas along those lines, though I'm not sure folks would like these:


A possible "Tier 6" would be missions that affected an entire settlement. The settlement's trader would offer up an "online" (modem dialup) service for getting/resolving missions if the player enabled the old wired telephone system and/or a local cellular network. (Remember, cellular networks are _wired_ after the phone-to-tower link.) To do so, the player would have to do "repair" missions into one or more telephone POIs as well as repair a number of telephone poles/lines around the settlement. After that point, so long as the players kept the telephone system's generator powered (or use solar panels), they could do some interactions with the trader remotely. (Any physical exchanges would have to be done at the trader, but perhaps the trader could "set aside" purchases for later pickup.)


A possible "Tier 7" would be missions that affect the entire map. Again, with telephones as an example, you could reconnect/repair telephone poles leading between settlements.


This idea could be extended to a water utility by repairing/reconnecting pipes and facilities and operating a generator (or solar panels). At this point, any faucet (or toilet) could fill empty water bottles with mirky water.


Yeh, probably not in the cards for the game, but maybe it inspires some other thought. Thanks for listening.

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