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NCSimple_Deserializer (ch=1)


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Hello Everyone,

Before I start going putting all the stuff required for reporting a bug, I would like to know if anyone is having this issue?


On a hosted dedicated server (Survival Servers) we have attempted to get 7D2D to work correctly, I've had lot's of crashes corrupted files, etc.

I've noticed that whenever I crash and start to fall through the map, or the game just doesn't load, 


The following error ALWAYS occurs just before the problems starts.

ERR NCSimple_Deserializer (Ch=1);

EXEC index was out the bounds of the array.


After that, my player profile is usually corrupted and I can't log in or something else is wrong that won't allow me to log, then I have to reinstall everything.

Now, this is has happened to me on a regular set up of 7d2d  alpha 20.3 and above but it's random, but with the Darkness falls, same error but ALL the time.

Brand new game and new map.. 1 to 2min after startup.. I get the error.. and down i go into the underworld.

We tried different maps, with CP and no CP.. and different sizes.. same results.


EAC is off, using DF 4.03A presently, 20.5 , 3rd party Server.

if no answers, I'll start getting the logs, images, etc together.


If you're interested in seeing this for yourself,

This is the server IP and port


Port: 27700


Thanks ahead of time :)


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At the end, the only solution we had was to remove the Darkness Falls Mod.

The crash, I'm sure will happen again eventually, but at least I get to play some this weekend.

Too tired, to try anymore.

I'll be contacting Kaine on the issues.


We've put back the password to the server until we can determine the issues.

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