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Server History cannot be deleted


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The list of servers I've played on (within the 7 Days Browser) keeps growing.

There's no delete option.

There's no way to make them go away.

Steam does not show ANY server in the history.


This used to work.

Completely and utterly broken now.


How do you delete the servers in the 7 Days history?

Please don't say go to Steam Servers, because that is not going to work.


Why not add a simple DELETE option next to each server in 7 Days history?

Short of that, how about simply and clearly telling us where that server history file resides so we can delete it.

Other games do that.  Heck, other games give you a direct button to push to take you from the game to the correct local folder.


Please, revert to previous server browswer softrware until somebody understands what they're doing.

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My buddy was talking about this last night (unless you are him lol) and my suggestion was to bring up the game launcher, select Tools tab then check all of the boxes and hit clean. Now you will lose any single player games so you should back those up. Will this work? I really don't know but it's the only thing I can think of. I have not seen where server history is stored in the files.

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