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Im having issues when I join my friends world

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So me and a friend have been playing on a world hosted by her. We are currently on day 38 and ever since the last blood moon (idk if its because of it or just happens to be a coincidence) every time I leave and join back my game progression gets reset, xp and schematics and I get teleported random places. I get to keep items i have looted but all other game progression resets. This is stupidly annoying as I loose all the stuff I worked for and I basically cant play because I loose it all.

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I think there is a fix for this in A20.5 experimental so if you and your friend update to A20.5 and you have your friend delete your profile, it should fix things. Your will be at level one but if your friend gives you admin rights, you can use the command giveselfxp to get your levels back.

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