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Twitch Integration: Game freezes, connection fails.


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Hello! :D

I've been having trouble with the twitch integration and after a lot of googling and many hours of trying, I have not been able to find a solution. Friends said I could try to reach out for help so here I am!

This is what happens when I try to login and connect to Twitch integration:
1) Load into a world
2) Hit Esc, Twitch, Login
3) Automatically tab out of the game into my Opera browser
4) Authorized the connection to 7DTD
5) New browser opens: Local Host. Automatically closes after a second or two with the "it is now safe to close this browser"
6) Game is frozen for about 20 seconds, If i try to click into the game, the window prompt pops up "this application is not responding, close the program / wait for it to respond"
7) Game unfreezes, Connection failed, console at the top shows the following:

EXC SocketException: A connection attempt failed because the connected party did not properly respond after a period of time, or established connection failed because connected host has failed to respond
WRN Forcing mesh processing after large delay

INF /?access_token [redacting the rest of this]
INF ("Client_id" [redacting the rest of this]

And the above repeats. Cool thing to note is that when I'm live and streaming, after the authorization and Local Host automatically closing the browser tab, the freezing, unfreezing with the connection fails happens twice as opposed to once when I'm trying without streaming Live. (not sure if coincidence).

Things that I've tried:
a) Switching my default browser from Opera to Chrome

b) Making sure I don't have any pop-up blockers or javascript killers

c) Port Forwarding 7DTD in my router according to port forward . com
d) Made an exception in my antivirus program (Bitdefender)

e) Unauthorizing and reauthorizing 7DTD with twitch

f) Validated game files via Steam.

g) Running the game as administrator

h) Trying EAC and non EAC exe with similar results

Thing's that I've not tried/things to note:
i) I have a separate folder where I have the Darkness Falls mod (but I've never been able to do twitch integration even before making a separate folder for DF)
ii) This is vanilla, 0 mods

iii) I have not tried a full uninstall of the game but I can do so. Twitch Integration did not work for me since day 1 (got this game roughly a month ago)

Reason that I'm reaching out is that I find the Twitch integration to be a lot of fun for this game for both the streamer and viewers. My community has expressed interest in trying out the integration so I'm doing whatever I can to see if I can get this to work. Thank you very much for your help!

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Hello,  and thank you for reporting.

Yes,  the Twitch integration is very fun,  and I'm sorry that you're having trouble getting it to work.

In order for me to make a ticket for your issue,  I will be needing some more information and a full output log.

Please read the pinned post on how to make a bug report. 


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