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World is rendering like there is 2 worlds.


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Me and my friends have been playing on a multiplayer world I created and have fallen in love with it. But there's a weird rendering issue coming up for all of us where mountains appear strangely and things go missing. 


I've seen a few posts about this but still wasn't sure how to fix it. I understand that sometimes world size doesn't match what you have. How would I go about fixing this and if its through config, how do I enter that?




(sorry, couldn't figure out how else to get the picture here.)

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1 hour ago, Rogzmyth said:

still wasn't sure how to fix it

It probably can't be fixed. It looks like one world was overwritten with another. This can happen if you make a world

using advanced generation with the same seed as an existing world. You could try generating the world again with

the original seed name and parameters, but I would not have high hopes that will work.

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4 hours ago, Rogzmyth said:

I thought it was unfixable, but a mod said there was a way to get into a config? Any idea how that could work?


Are you are running a dedicated server? That would be configured by the serverconfig.xml.

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