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Other players keep going back in time when they log in


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We're playing a 3 player game, which I host. A couple days ago one of the guys DCd and when he came back, he was in the middle of the building we'd just cleared for a quest. The quest was waiting for activation. The other player and I were far away and had already turned said quest in.


Now this is happening 90% of the time when the other 2 log in. They're not where they logged in, and whatever quest they last had was still in their log, unfinished. It means they can't advance with the trader, the only one getting "store credit" as it were for quests is me. I always log in where I was and with my quests finished.


One guy can't put his drone back down because it says he already has max drones out. He's never had any other drone but this one, and she was working fine til she ran into the blade traps and had to be picked up. The other guy had the same thing happen to him and his drone works fine. Since the first guy is our tank and the drone has been very useful keeping him alive, it's an actual bother.

I deleted the players.xml. hoping that would fix it but it hasn't. Any other ideas? We're really not in the mood to start another a20 game right now.

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