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Darkness Falls endless waves Screamer spawning more Screamer Help!


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I'm at day four and had like 10-15 screamer spawning it's worse than every bloodmoon horde i had to deal with and my settings are at 75 zeds the lowest zed spawn!
difficulty lvl was Adventurer
what is wrong with his mod?
is there a way to reduce the zed spawn and make this mode a but more playable i don't wanna sit for 3 hours straight on roofs with 1000+ ammo and fighting hordes off no thanks!

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In Darkness Falls running away is a valid option that should be used. Simply run/drive away far enough so they despawn. I can assure you that a lot of people do exactly that in a situation like this. Even if they are super hardcore players in vanilla.


I am actually wondering how you managed to get a screamer party that big on day four, we didn´t see a screamer in our first week. I assume you turned up the XP? That´s a no go in Darkness Falls. In fact many people actually turn it down to 75%.


And there is nothing wrong with DF. It´s for people that find vanilla too easy and look for a challenge.

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