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beware the update will F-up your server history


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this multiplayer server searching UI update is nothing short of vandalism.  


why the heck do the devs feel the need to delete all of my servers that a bounce between just to bring an ability like searching based on free slots for example?? if this was a skirmish game maybe I could see it.


by themselves those search options are fine but why make an extra click for people to get to the servers they frequent?

or is justifying that clunky UI why you deleted all of my saved servers?? I've never asked for somebody to be fired before but good grief this comes close.


the whole UI is so damn complicated it should have just been an advanced search button added to the UI we already knew, now I have to try all kinds of different world locations to hopefully rebuild my list. fu very much devs (great game btw, been lovin it for seems like a decade now)

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another problem is if you play 100 hours .. (or too long) you get a stack overflow .. memory cannot be expanded error and your done with that game.. (might be drone related so do not use drones in 20 games till it patched)  some file gets too big and htat ends your game play  (disables E key, or any of its mappings, forever)

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