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Boid's Loot Logger - a peek into the loot RNG engine


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This is my first Harmony mod and I chose something which I thought would be pretty straightforward, but which turned into a bigger learning experience than I expected. But! Much was learned, and the mod seems to work, so I've got that going for me.


Boid's Loot Logger


What it do

Dumps into the player.log (and the F1 console, but harder to read there) a formatted log of all of the loot spawn events, loot probability lookups, and RNG results that occur when a container is opened. Useful for education and debugging, perhaps. Strongly recommend Notepad++ or similar to view the player.log file especially if you want to watch the log while you are playing. You can see the results right in the F1 log, but it won't format correctly due to variable-width font.


Not recommended for day-to-day play, since it dumps a lot of text into the log.


As a future enhancement I might look into logging all of the item quality RNG checks as well. Right now it reports the quality of items in the log, but not how quality templates were used to get there.


Sample output (For a very simple loot group! A single search can be much, much bigger than this.)






ETA: Thanks to sphereii for several video tutorials and some direct help in the Discord channel. Thanks also to all of the other experts here and on Discord, who did not notice me lurking in their conversations, picking up tips and tricks. This was a fun mod to build, since I haven't been a coder in a couple of decades. Very, very rusty I was and hey why not jump into DLL hacking and C# reflection to ease back into it!



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