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Some Quality of Life improvements.


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Use scroll wheel to adjust Nailgun Repair / Upgrade Speed - It's currently horribly slow.


Right Click menu with Building Tools (Hammers, Nailguns) to upgrade block to chosen type instantly. I.E., setting Nailgun to Concrete will upgrade a Wooden Frame to Concrete. That way people can place down frames, test shapes, then upgrade without needing Cobble etc.


Wiretool max placing length is silly, Keep 20/25 meter cable length, but if I have to run 100+ in a U shape to connect something on the other side of a long wall or in another room, the cable shouldn't break.


'Simple rotation' is practically redundant. Remove it. Advanced Rotation should be on by default, with simple rotation's original rotations at the start of the list.


Seperate sound slider for the 'creepy sounds', instead of lumping them all together in 'Ambience'. This is terrible and should be separated. 


Indicator to show which way a hatch opens prior to placing it. Metal ones are difficult to tell.


Plain, upgradable Double Doors - 2x2 why this doesn't exist yet is confusing.

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