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Adding modslots to items


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I'm trying to add modslots to Items that don't have any in the vanilla game.

I tried it on the Hazmat Mask for a while now with no real success, and I can't find a mod that has already done this (only ones that add more to already existing mod slots)


my current attempt looks like this:


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>


	<set xpath="/items/item[@name='apparelHazmatMask']/property[@name='Tags']/@value">head,armor,armorHead,lightArmor,lightArmorPenalty,canHaveCosmetic,lightArmorDeg</set>
	<set xpath="/items/item[@name='apparelHazmatMask']/effect_group/passive_effect[@name='ModSlots']/@value">1</set>
	<insertAfter xpath="/items/item[@name='apparelHazmatMask']/effect_group/passive_effect[@name='ModSlots']">
		<passive_effect name="ModPowerBonus" operation="base_add" value="100" tags="EconomicValue"/>


usually <set xpath="/items/item[@name='apparelHazmatMask']/effect_group/passive_effect[@name='ModSlots']/@value">1</set> should be enough to edit the modslots, and it is on any item that already has some. But for some reason it does nothing for the Hazmat Mask, so I tried adding/changing different values eg. the Tags to see if that might help


and thanks to the Tags head armor mod's like the "Helmet Light Mod" now do show a green gear icon when trying to modify the mask indicating that they would fit, only that it still doesn't show any mod slots on the UI no matter what value I set "ModSlots" to.


Is there anything else I'm missing?

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