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Bring back the old weapon building system


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So, once upon a time, we didn't have level 1-6 gear, we had 1-600.  Guns were made from about 4 parts you had to assemble, each part being an item level between 1 and 600, and the final weapon being based on the parts you put in.  I want to see this back.

That old system suffered because the workbench used to have a "combine" feature, and people were quickly getting 600 parts by just combining everything they found.  Now that it's gone, let's get the 600 level things, and parts assembled to make a gun back!

Right now, its just finding an item, 1-6, and some rng on stats within its item level.....progression kinda ends fairly quick in my opinion....  But if we had back that long range, and could constantly find and swap out parts, the longevity of improving ones gear would be improved.

Additionally, back then, every time you repaired it, the pieces lost a couple points of level, this gave an air of realism to it, that eventually your gear would get worn out and need replaced, we aren't all expert gunsmiths after all.

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The current weapon system gives me the feeling that it has no features, because I often watch videos of some twitch players, most of them get weapons through scavenging, and only a few of them are made by themselves, which also causes the skill system to provide. The "craft" is not enough to attract players.

If it were me, I wouldn't want to forge it myself, why waste a long time collecting materials just to make a very common tier 6 weapon!

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At the very least let us mod tiers 1-600 back in. Having that many didn't even make the game more complicated. Nothing is simpler than knowing "bigger number better".
I've been able to mod the combine feature back in (only cause it helps players on my drop all pvp server) but beyond that use... looting, crafting and quests make the best gear available so fast that it makes progression feel hollow. I hate to be all "back in my day" but in older alphas, you went to houses and found... what looks like a normal house inside, with scraps for loot. You went in the big scary buildings for the real loot. Now every single building has a loot pinata in it that can spawn the best stuff. Its the kind of stuff that makes what used to be double digit hour playthroughs into single digit.

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