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Drone issue

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So the other day I logged in to having my character pushed through a building which killed me, the screen then froze, upon relogging I insta died again. OK, that kinda sucked, but I can deal with the xp debt. A little later I parked my minibike just off a quest poi, game started acting glitchy, so I relogged. Upon coming back my minibike was gone, full of stuff, mostly food stuff as I had just done a shopping run at some traders. Couldn't see the bike on the compass,, restdid some reading and saw this has happened but mostly its still been on the compass. I noticed at this point that my drone was not near me. I spotted it on the compass, but it looks far away. I set out searching for the drone and got as close to the map edge as I can, water blocking any further path to get closer. Icon of drone still seems far away, so assume it is off the map. I figure everything is a loss, but now I can not use a drone since this one is still technically in use. So is there any way to dismiss the drone, so I can use another one?

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