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  1. I recall Madmole saying somewhere in A18/19 dev diary that you don't have to. You can go mining all day and spent that days skillpoints earned towards mining or kill bunch of zombies and put points into melee specific perks. Tadaa, problem solved with some self restricting rules.
  2. Armor affects only sprinting stamina regen. Confirmed by dev
  3. When I'm mining, I keep 1 stack of red tea/mineral water, 1 stack of coffee and 1 stack of beer. Regular drinks and coffee keeps boosted stamina regen on and when you run out of stamina, drink beer to instantly get full stamina.
  4. Here is very simple, durable and expandable design to withstand up to day 35 hordes. https://imgur.com/a/Y2EYPQ0 A solid 3x3x4 cube of cobblestone blocks (clay from top soil + stone from below topsoil/above ground rock formation -> cobblestone -> flagstone block, which can be upgraded to cobblestone block) and 1 layer of wood bars, rotated by holding R and selecting advanced rotation. If you are unsure, construct more than 1 of these pillars. Stand on the bars and shoot through them.
  5. Turn down grass distance to lowest and feast your eyes on the all ores you'll find. I did 20min lap around my city and found 8 coal and nitrate veins which I was looking for.
  6. This is the first alpha I can see clearly during the night. Lowered brightness to 35 to get somewhat dark nights. Display plays a big role here. I have aorus cv27q (va/165hz/1440p) which is like night and day compared to my other zowie xl2411p (tn/144hz/1080p)
  7. If I remember correctly, it screws over some elements of the terrain. There was a modlet or something for it(maybe it was Roland showcasing it)
  8. Steam name: Palikkamaa Hours played: 1579 Started on Alpha: A14? (started playing 15, jun, 2017) Discord name: Palikkamaa Native language: Finnish
  9. @devs: While I appreciate the effort making new zombie models high quality, they are becoming so creepy that my friends are having second thought about playing the game and possible having nightmares. So I wondered does new zombie models become less gory when for example lowering textures. A18 models were perfectly fine for them.
  10. Well, me and my friend were on the Barret camp, so dragulov is kinda let down. @devs Can you tell enlighten us how you end up chosing specifically dragunov as a base model? Intervertion were also a popular choise, when you asked it few 100's pages ago.
  11. Another out of memory error.. hepl I don't know what's happened. I have installed DOZENS of times that frigging java on 3 different pc's and it just won't work anymore. I have tried troubleshoot with this thread but it won't work. I'm losing hope
  12. Finally! It was a blast! (pun intended) I didnt noticed the first one even when it entered on my line of fire, junk turret triggered it and I was like DEMO! RUN AWAY! lost only bunch of barbed wire and 3 e-fences. Last one or two I sprayd with ap rounds to death. Video coming later today. Ps. I see was you devs did there. Killed 666 zombies during that horde My charactet is 74lvl int/fort build 10 int, 7 str/fort and some misc. Skills
  13. @Devs Now that we have shape menu for building block, can that be expanded to basic electrical things (like relays/switches etc)? It is really easy and fun to do electrical stuff in creative- and god mode because you dont have to worry about how many things you need, just take a whole stack. But in survival these do feel like the pre a18 building blocks. Million different things and in a tight budget either craft one by one and always be waiting or craft a stack of them and end up not using all of them, wasting resources. It was a pain in the as to run between an unfinished horde base and the main base where are all the recourses and crafting stations
  14. Did a quick test and it seems vault hatch is only one affected. wooden and iron hatches work fine.
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