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  1. Early-early game: club, knife, 2 spears for animal tracking, bow, stone axe early game: pipe baton, 2-3 pipe weapons (always shotgun + MG, sometimes rifle), knife, stone axe+shovel 6th-7th day: 1-2 lvl5 iron tools (seems like I, yet again, fall back to using fireaxe as a melee weapon), 2-3 pipe weapons knife midgame: 3 iron tools, knife, 1-2 guns, wrenching tool Late game: auger, steel fireaxe, 1-2 T3 guns, nailgun, impact driver
  2. I don't get how he got so bad performance on rtx 3080 1080p. I have 2070s /9600k /16gb ram and I'm matching/exceeding his performance at 1440p.
  3. Look at the bigger picture. By day 8 at warrior difficulty, from 1 city I got 4 stacks of meat, 200 corns, 20 potatoes, 30 blueberrys, 1 hop seed and 3 pumpkin seeds, all from farm PoIs and few looted ones. After that I started looking for supercorn. 3rd city gave it to me. You will have no food issue if you spend 2-3 points into LotL
  4. Just imagine that the doors are stuck, not locked. Beat it more or move on
  5. I also did quick stationary test that changing object quality from ultra to lowest improves framerate from 44 -> 75. However, object popping is very noticeable. I would not play lower than medium which still nets ~+20fps compared to ultra or +10 to high what I was using. However, out in the wilderness, fps gain was only 100 -> 110 between lowest and ultra so not really meaningful. (I'm using 9600k + 2070s +16gb ram)
  6. It has been about a year when I last time I tried to build something epic without a plan and it caved in it's design flaws. So, what is the corrent way to create a custom PoI and be able to hopefully import in into a game (rwg mixer as it?) I remember in A17 imported PoIs created in survival game had some SI problems. The fear I'm having is that I have to move my invididual houses around the town and I could break them while doing so
  7. Honestly, after seeing these RWG changes, Im more excited to play vanilla rwg over Nitrogen maps for the first time in years. (Sorry for the possible duplicate posts)
  8. Please no. There isn't a way to translate a game into Finnish without making it so cringe. Take a look for example some of the Dark Souls games. When I'm personally browsing internet and playing games, I prefer doing it English.
  9. I'll add here my modifications which sparked a new challenge for me and easy searchable quotes: Entityclasses: - Doubled screamer health to make them harder to 1 shot, Entitygroups: - Added small chance to spawn overworld demolition zombies - Possibility: Whenever heat triggers a scout (screamer), that can be changed to any number of chosen zombies, FE demos, if you want really to punish yourself. - <entitygroup name="ZombieScouts"> <entity name="zombieScreamer"/> Spawning: - Added multiple times more overwold zombies, making total number of zombies around you 32 during day/night time and 64 shortly after dusk/dawn. Respawn time will be 6 IG hours, at night 3 IG hours. You can set BM count up to 32 without being spawncapped. - Heat spawned scout partys will have 2 screamers, can be changed to any number of any zombies as mentioned above
  10. Another out of memory error.. hepl I don't know what's happened. I have installed DOZENS of times that frigging java on 3 different pc's and it just won't work anymore. I have tried troubleshoot with this thread but it won't work. I'm losing hope
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