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Better Blood Moon Loot

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The Blood Moon loot bags used to be a great reward for making it through the onslaught of ravenous hordes. The loot we are getting now is so bad, getting the loot is almost just litter removal.  

Is the intention for everyone to make a BM base in the wasteland to get decent loot?  If not then maybe BM loot should get a boost because right now, picking up trash in the wasteland is more rewarding.


Perhaps the zpacks should be using the gamestage that they spawned at for loot tables instead of the lootstage. For a MP game it makes for a disconnect between the difficulty and the reward.


In the meantime:

Anyone ideas on how I can tweak the zpacks in xml to improve what we are getting?


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The way i have seem this done is to copy the existing zombies, like zombieArlene and make a zombieArleneBM.  Change the loot on the BM version to be better.  add those to the bloodmoonhorde groups instead of normal versions.  Done.

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Thats a good idea but then


18 minutes ago, xyth said:

Change the loot on the BM version to be better.


How exactly do I do this?  I guess I could create a new lootprobtemplate for the zpacks that drop from BM versions.  Call it ProbBMT1 and have it be the ProbT1 table but with all the level chang to level - 20.

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