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"item_property_overrides" did not work correctly


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I only use the stable version, which is fine before the A20 (B238) version, but can't be used after updating to the A20.1 stable version.
I made a item(KnifeDeluxe) using the following code:

<property name="Meshfile" value="#@modfolder:Resources/cobo?weaponKnife"/>

Another item(KnifeDeluxeModFire) modifiers can change the appearance of this item, using the following code:

<item_property_overrides name="KnifeDeluxe">
	<property name="Meshfile" value="#@modfolder:Resources/cobo?weaponKnifeFire"/>

When I put KnifeDeluxeModFire into the slot, an error message occurs immediately, and the KnifeDeluxe appearance cannot be replaced, an error message keeps appearing, as follows:

2022-02-03T07:04:33 101.858 ERR [XUi] Error while updating window group 'assemble:
2022-02-03T07:04:33 101.865 EXC Object reference not set to an instance of an object
  at XUiM_ItemStack.GetCustomDisplayValueForItem (ItemValue itemValue, DisplayInfoEntry entry) [0x00155] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiM_ItemStack.GetCustomValue (DisplayInfoEntry entry, ItemStack itemStack, System.Boolean useMods) [0x0030c] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiM_ItemStack.GetStatItemValueTextWithModInfo (ItemStack itemStack, EntityPlayer player, DisplayInfoEntry infoEntry) [0x000ae] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiC_AssembleWindow.GetStatValue (System.Int32 index) [0x00049] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiC_AssembleWindow.GetBindingValue (System.String& value, System.String bindingName) [0x004f7] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at BindingItemStandard.GetValue (System.Boolean _forceAll) [0x00013] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at BindingInfo.RefreshValue (System.Boolean _forceAll) [0x0001a] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiController.RefreshBindings (System.Boolean _forceAll) [0x00010] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiC_AssembleWindow.set_ItemStack (ItemStack value) [0x0004e] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiC_ItemPartStackGrid.HandleSlotChangedEvent (System.Int32 slotNumber, ItemStack stack) [0x000ae] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiC_BasePartStack.set_ItemStack (ItemStack value) [0x00054] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiC_BasePartStack.SwapItem () [0x000b3] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiC_ItemPartStack.SwapItem () [0x00020] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiC_BasePartStack.HandleStackSwap () [0x00022] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiC_BasePartStack.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x00269] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiController.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x0004f] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiC_ItemPartStackGrid.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x0001a] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiController.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x0004f] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiController.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x0004f] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiController.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x0004f] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiController.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x0004f] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiC_AssembleWindow.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x00030] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUiController.Update (System.Single _dt) [0x0004f] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 
  at XUi.OnUpdateDeltaTime (System.Single updateDeltaTime) [0x00131] in <c86f272aec0d4f97b156393ba4e8f703>:0 

What has changed in this A20.1 stable version so that this command does not work correctly?

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