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My inventory don't work


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3 hours ago, meganoth said:

And again you need to post a logfile that shows the issue. And please use pastebin just like the pinned thread says.


here: https://pastebin.com/yjyynQnL

i can add that i was using creative mode and debug mode to get my items back, couse i repaired that problem with save but my items was gone, after i take the items i turned both to off.

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I see that the game protests that it can't connect to steam. Are you starting the game from the command line without starting steam? If yes, start the game directly from steam and see if it changes anything.


I also see error messages about Direct3D. Maybe you should check if your D3D installation is working correctly and that you have a recent graphics driver installed.


Did the game clear your inventory again when you played the game today and created this logfile ?


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I have the same kind of problem. A friend of mine and i started a game a few days ago and i copied the map and put it in my 7DaysToDie>Saves>Navezgame.

The problem is that now my inventory keeps deleting if i restart the game and only my hotbar works as an inventory. If i go to a trader and i have money in my invetory he doesn't see it but in my hotbar he does. i also cant craft from my inventory.



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