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Graphical Floating House


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This is a problem with the imposter. I checked this POI in the editor, and if you show the imposter it is placed at a different location than the actual POI. I've seen this happen with other POIs, in particular walls in the city tiles, and had this happen with my POIs during testing as well. This happens when the imposter is not updated with the final version of the prefab. Whoever made this updated the imposter at some point, moved the prefab in the editor, but then did not update the imposter again. Because of this as you're approaching and the imposter is replaced with the actual POI you'll see a ghost POI in a different location that will disappear as you close in.


You can see this for yourself by going into the editor and selecting show imposter. You'll see the imposter for this POI is far away from the actual POI. The other abandoned houses do not have this issue. If you want to fix this yourself locally you can go into the editor, select update imposter, then save the POI. This will  only fix it for you, and only after the POI is updated in an existing world. New worlds will not have this issue once you fix it.

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