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No holds barred A20


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Are you a pvp player looking to join a unique server with end game that’s still a challenge? Come give my server a go, No download needed just join and play 

All roll up doors as a powered version you can craft 
Fire staff and lightning staff 
Kino der toten poi (clear and restore power quests) 
Origins poi (clear and restore power quests) 
All zeds can be a giant or spider 
Titan zombies for very advanced high level teams (more info on this upon request) 
Snufkins server side zombies (tweaked OP zeds to hordes over game stage 100 only. This is still ongoing with feedback from my server community) 
Expanded power options which includes, 3000w generator, 6000w generator, 6000w solar bank array, 6000w slow charge battery banks, 6000w fast charge battery banks, fusebox wire relays for invisible cables, offset doors, offset turrets, powered player version of poi lights including offset versions 
Variant helper blocks added to all my blocks of the same type for easy craft and selection 
And much more 

Server name: no holds barred 
Server location: U.K. 
PORT: 26902
DISCORD: https://discord.gg/D5jy8Yx

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