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My observations and small tests in the A20

mstdv inc

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Potato PC test comming ( 4C 4T 3.2Ghz,8gb RAM,RX550 4gb,SSD,15gb SWAP file)

b213 exp was just unplayable for me, low fps and terrible frametime graph.
b218 - b238 I found settings for myself that allowed me to get more or less comfortable FPS and a frametime graph comparable to A19. I had to give up vertical sync and shadows.
I ran tests the other day and found a combination of different settings that allowed me to raise the average fps and almost flatten the frametime graph.

Let's take a few situations.
Forest biome.
Outside the city, my base is in the forest.
Small town with T1-T3 buildings

My previous settings:

Full HD
Dynamic resolution off
Vertical sync off
1/4 texture
All off or lowest
Occlusion enabled

At my base, I had 55-72 fps (lock at 72 through RTTS) and not always an even frametime schedule
In the woods outside the city 60-72, the frame time schedule is slightly better
In the city on foot during a search of buildings 45-62 fps slightly ragged frametime graph
Driving through town turned the frametime schedule into a battlefield, with FPS dropping from 45 to 32-35, accompanied by friezes.

After changing four settings, two of which were out of the game, I got the following results:

At its base: 65-72 fps flat frametime schedule
In the forest outside the city: no changes in FPS, smoother frametime schedule
Walking in town while searching buildings: 48-72 fps smoother frametime schedule
Driving through the city: fps keeps within 50-62!

What have I done?
First, I often noticed that occlusion leads to friezes when the camera is rotated, always. I turned it off.
I found the tree draw range setting and lowered it.
I found the texture streaming setting and turned it off (It was in A18 in the video settings, am I not mistaken? And as far as I remember, I always turned it off)
And the most interesting thing is that I changed the texture size from 1/4 to Full and was very surprised.
Ever since the days of A18, I noticed that when switching from full textures to 1/2 or 1/4, I got a very ragged frametime graph.

In the A20, it all came together.
By reducing the range of the trees and the grid to 500, I got a higher fps.
Turning off occlusion and streaming fps, returning the full texture, I got a constant 72 fps inside buildings and small drawdowns outside.

I also tested all this near and within Dishong in downtown of the largest city in the wasteland.
The result is the same, I get higher fps and a smoother frametime graph.


My new settings:

Full HD
Dynamic resolution off
Vertical sync off
Full textures
occlusion off
all off or lowest

Two additional settings in the registry:
OptionsGfxStreamMipmaps change from 1 to 0
OptionsGfxTreeDistance change from 5 to 2

It seems to me that both of these settings should be inside the game and applied for low and very low presets.

What my ride looked like before the settings were changed



Screenshots after applying new settings




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