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  1. Potato PC test comming ( 4C 4T 3.2Ghz,8gb RAM,RX550 4gb,SSD,15gb SWAP file) b213 exp was just unplayable for me, low fps and terrible frametime graph. b218 - b238 I found settings for myself that allowed me to get more or less comfortable FPS and a frametime graph comparable to A19. I had to give up vertical sync and shadows. I ran tests the other day and found a combination of different settings that allowed me to raise the average fps and almost flatten the frametime graph. Let's take a few situations. Forest biome. Outside the city, my base is in the forest. Small town with T1-T3 buildings My previous settings: Full HD Dynamic resolution off Vertical sync off 1/4 texture All off or lowest Occlusion enabled At my base, I had 55-72 fps (lock at 72 through RTTS) and not always an even frametime schedule In the woods outside the city 60-72, the frame time schedule is slightly better In the city on foot during a search of buildings 45-62 fps slightly ragged frametime graph Driving through town turned the frametime schedule into a battlefield, with FPS dropping from 45 to 32-35, accompanied by friezes. After changing four settings, two of which were out of the game, I got the following results: At its base: 65-72 fps flat frametime schedule In the forest outside the city: no changes in FPS, smoother frametime schedule Walking in town while searching buildings: 48-72 fps smoother frametime schedule Driving through the city: fps keeps within 50-62! What have I done? First, I often noticed that occlusion leads to friezes when the camera is rotated, always. I turned it off. I found the tree draw range setting and lowered it. I found the texture streaming setting and turned it off (It was in A18 in the video settings, am I not mistaken? And as far as I remember, I always turned it off) And the most interesting thing is that I changed the texture size from 1/4 to Full and was very surprised. Ever since the days of A18, I noticed that when switching from full textures to 1/2 or 1/4, I got a very ragged frametime graph. In the A20, it all came together. By reducing the range of the trees and the grid to 500, I got a higher fps. Turning off occlusion and streaming fps, returning the full texture, I got a constant 72 fps inside buildings and small drawdowns outside. I also tested all this near and within Dishong in downtown of the largest city in the wasteland. The result is the same, I get higher fps and a smoother frametime graph. My new settings: Full HD Dynamic resolution off Vertical sync off Full textures occlusion off all off or lowest Two additional settings in the registry: OptionsGfxStreamMipmaps change from 1 to 0 OptionsGfxTreeDistance change from 5 to 2 It seems to me that both of these settings should be inside the game and applied for low and very low presets. What my ride looked like before the settings were changed Screenshots after applying new settings
  2. Doesn't make sense just because? Is there a reason?Are you against the convenience of construction?
  3. I see that you consider railings, stairs and other blocks special, but do not say why? Do you have an answer to the question “why should they NOT be like all other blocks?” Just because you are so used to it? TFP have an answer. They brought all the blocks to a single standard, not classifying any of them as special. What's the problem with pouring a cement solution into the form and making a concrete pillar, slab or a whole block? Nothing. What then prevents from pouring the solution into the shape of the railing or stairs and making concrete railings or stairs? Nothing. Ditto for cobblestone. If you draw parallels with real life, then you can start by crafting hundreds of perfectly straight frames in a minute in your pocket without a saw, nails and any measuring tools. I am interested in the logic of people who classify certain blocks as special. In my opinion, all blocks are equally valuable and useful.
  4. I chose the compromise option; Wild Sense is only on at night. By day I am the master, by night zombies and animals. I believe that everything is fair If you want to clean the POI without haste, you go to it during the day, if you are bored and you want adventure - do it at night.
  5. I've always played with the loot respawn disabled. I always play through a full city cleanup and relocation with the construction of a new base near a new city. Usually it is 70-80 days and 3 bases. And for this reason I do not communicate with traders. I do not need an excuse to clear the POI, I will clear them all anyway. Then he sends me to the next, closest trader, but I want to choose the place for the base myself and the city that I will clear next. Therefore, I understand you. I also do not like the wonderful revival of loot in POI and the carefully packed backpack after death. I play with the complete removal of everything from both the hot bar and the backpack. I found a way for myself to prolong the pleasure so as not to get bored by 70-80 days. I am not using the power and intelligence tree in my new survival and I play with 25 experience multiplier and 50 loot multiplier. Lots of killed zombies, infections, broken legs and arms, 45 days and only 90 stage of the game. All the fun is yet to come! I plan to survive for at least 200 days and clear the city in the desert, winter biome and in the wastelands in turn) The game for me was revealed in a new way. The A20 + is not the usual settings for my survival, this is the secret of my new cocktail of emotions. And damn it, I really like it!
  6. We have 60,000+ people playing at the same time! 15 place in the top 100 best steam games!
  7. The most interesting thing is that I have Phenom II x4 925, RX 550 4GB and 8GB ddr 2 ram and I have 25-35 FPS in full HD in the downtown near Dishong and 45-72 FPS in medium-sized, small towns and outside cities. Overall, I haven't seen 95% of the problems people write about. @faatal Perhaps this is an insane assumption, but in more than a year I have met quite a few people who have severe performance problems with ddr 3 ram. There may be some connection. If it can somehow help, I could ask any additional data from these people?
  8. During the time until one person gets to the trader, takes the quest, gets to the POI, completes the quest, gets back to the trader and finishes the quest, I will clear several houses and get more profit not in money, but in total. I prefer to just loot all the buildings in a row, instead of completing quests. As time has shown, I get the items I need faster, I also don’t have to purposefully dig for iron at the initial stages, and by the time the production of cartridges begins, I get a large number of radiators from the POI and I don’t need to purposefully search for brass. 80% of the cobblestones that I find in buildings, I disassemble into stones, add all the cement. By the time the concrete production started, I already had 7800 cement and 1.5 stacks of stones. Despite the trader's rewards, the loss of time does not pay off for me. Perhaps because I do not use perks for additional rewards and do not use profitable barter. It already depends on the style of play. And there are too many cool POIs in A20 to be missing. I want to clean them all. I want to take a bath with new POIs and bathe in them. I am very happy about the variety of POIs. 😄
  9. I hope that all traders will get even more love in A21
  10. @faatal @madmole and everyone involved in the quests Reflections and suggestions for quests. 1. The quest for the same building may appear twice or even three times. The preview of the POI to which the trader wants to send us might have solved this problem. Or removing the quest mark from this POI for this world. 2. The building in which the quest was completed is not marked in any way. Perhaps a slight highlighting of the tiles with this POI on the map would solve the problem. Put manual marks = clog the compass and the mark menu. 3. Distance. I understand that if there is no Tier 4 and Tier 5 POI in the nearest city and the trader will send me for 7 km to the other end of the map, by this time I will already have a 4x4 or a helicopter, but at the initial stages it is too much to receive tasks of more than 1.5 km. time consuming. 4. Rewards do not match the experience multiplier setting. I received a response from the madmole about this. This will be fixed in A21 with the addition of a traderstage 5. Variety of quests. I'm happy about the new energy recovery quests, but it's still not enough. The game supports two timer modes: The quest is completed when the timer reaches the specified time. Can be used for quests where you need to hold out for a while. The quest is completed if other conditions are met and the countdown has not reached zero. Will this be used in the future? There are also conditions for killing a certain number of zombies, any or specific. All this can be mixed with a timer. Random daily (or only night?) Time challenges with increased difficulty and reward. Tier 4 and Tier 5 quests Buried Supplies? Do you need auger and build a temporary base, because when you get the box, a whole horde will come after you, and maybe even bandits will want to intercept your cargo on the way to the trader? Perhaps whole chains of quests, such as setting up a new base for peaceful NPCs that we found in the world. Search / Buy / Craft certain types of tools / armor / weapons / traps / vehicles for them. Quests to restore specific POI tier 1-5? Only for this you will need to have two types of one quest POI: destroyed and whole, to which the player must restore it.
  11. As far as I understand, Kinggen will no longer be updated? It was abandoned in the same way as Nitrogen? Will there be any answer from the author or the administration of the forum?
  12. Can we add a new reaction emoji? Christmas tree or Latan in Santa hat 😄
  13. Do not speak "for the majority", speak only for yourself. YOU do not use secrecy. A few pages ago, the developers wrote that now there is a new detection system in the game and it is still being finalized. Conclusions about its work can be made after correcting all errors.
  14. @faatal Can we expect dx12 in the A20?
  15. Hey @madmole I have been waiting for A20 all this time not in order to arrange a speedrun for the game, as many do, but in order to enjoy the game and stay at every stage of development as long as possible. At 25% exp, I ran into a problem when a merchant offers me a forge, a chemical laboratory and a workbench even before the first horde. Of course, I did not buy them so as not to spoil my game, although I already had money for them by that time. Have the developers thought about adding a traderstage in the future by analogy with a lootstage? So that the trader's assortment and even his rewards correspond to the percentage of experience that the player has put. Also, setting the percentage of experience could affect the parameter "quest per tier",increasing it from 7 to 10 or up to 14 if the player chooses less than 100% of experience.
  16. use at least 15GB of swap file the game uses it as actively as RAM
  17. It's easier to die from a wild boar than from an infection. 😁 I would reduce the duration of the infection from 7 to 2 in-game days, so that the treatment of the infection becomes the first priority. Even in A20 on day 11 I have 4 herbal antibiotics, 3 cans of honey and 1 regular antibiotics. The infection is no longer scary.
  18. Hey guys! I managed to generate a 10240x10240 map with the maximum number of cities, wildness poi and not crash the game on my very, very, very potato PC It took 28 minutes to generate the map, but that's ok for my PC! So what do we need to generate such a map? At least 40GB of swap file, I'm not kidding) @Blake_ you have a good computer compared to mine
  19. I would love to be able to create a 2048x2048 map entirely consisting of a city.
  20. Speaking of the map and markers. On one of the streams, the viewer suggested initially hiding the map and adding the "Cartographer" upgrade branch in order to be able to use the map and leave marks on it. In fact, a guy in underpants with a stone ax and access to GPS looks strange
  21. 7...6...5...4...3!...2!...1...Happy New Year!!! 😄
  22. I thought there should be an easier way, but thanks anyway. It's more about test worlds and the prefab and world editor. If there is an opportunity to quickly raise the level of a character, then there should be an opportunity to lower it.
  23. At the moment, with the help of the console command, we can quickly raise the level of the character to the maximum. Will it be possible to lower it the same way using the console command? To do this, it is enough to allow the current giveselfxp to take negative values. It is very inconvenient to create a new world every time, so that the character's level would be 1 again. Maybe now there are ways to downgrade a character that I don't know about?
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