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  1. All the changes that you propose are based on the initially incorrect position, when you divide the players only into casual and only into hardcore players.This is a very narrow mindset. This is the criticism.Your position is not correct and I have given you the reason. I'm not going to fall for your cheap provocations) That's the end of it. If a person understood this initially he would not have written such a post)
  2. Do you divide all the players into hardcore and casual?The third is not given? And after that, you want criticism?Seriously?
  3. 1. Your "suggestions" have nothing to do with reality. Why so you have already been answered. 2. That is, you purposefully commit a deliberately meaningless action?
  4. Your opinion can be written in the appropriate topic. You wrote all this in the A20 development discussion thread. How can this be understood in any other way than as a suggestion to change the game? As the moderator correctly noted, if a person wants to complicate the game for himself, he uses mods. For this reason, you don't need to change vanilla globally.
  5. All I see is that you want to remake the game for yourself. This is not correct.And I don't agree with most of the points.If you don't like something, don't use it. There are more important things in the game than doing hardcore mode for 100 players across the entire community.
  6. Perhaps it makes sense to make 3 presets in the world settings when creating it: 1. I'm rookie (Default settings) Without the ability to change the settings 2. I am experienced (medium or complex settings) Without the ability to change the settings 3. Where's my shotgun? (sound of angry laughter) Full customization.
  7. After receiving weapons, tools and armor of level 5-6, Duke's chips begin to accumulate in huge quantities,stacks of 20,000 melt for a long time and give a lot of brass at the output. Melt them in the forge and you will have no problems with the brass. Here, rather, the question is not in the complexity of the extraction of brass, but in the style of your game.
  8. Considering that I came to the game together with the release of A18. 2 and this was my first game with the crafting mechanics, I spent the first 50 hours trying to understand how and what works.I started over 6 or 7 times because the zombies destroyed my wooden box over and over again along with all the resources. As a beginner at the beginning of the game, I was not explained that you can survive in ready-made buildings,and build your own (I thought that this is mandatory). I was not told what resources are valuable,that there is a knife that can be used to cut up the remains of peopl
  9. People who have looked at the review and bought 7DTD understand that this game is about survival, construction and crafting, so I have doubts that people are quitting the game because of the complexity of the default world settings. As I observe from the reviews of beginners, most often they refuse to play because of problems with the frame rate on the actual hardware. I really hope that the game will run more smoothly in A20.The rest of the changes are good enough as it is.
  10. Hello.When will it be possible to disable the Stone Age? In this form, it has no logic. The player comes to the weapons store and finds wooden bows and blunderbusses, after a month of playing the player comes to the same store and loots automatic shotguns and machine guns. To make it look realistic, the player should not be able to get into high-level buildings until a certain stage of the game. Or make these buildings only in large cities, which the player will not initially have access to. You have to play with an experience rate of 300%, which would be faster to skip the Sto
  11. Hi, I would like to add Russian localization to NitroGen. How can I do this?
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