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  1. I would love to be able to create a 2048x2048 map entirely consisting of a city.
  2. Speaking of the map and markers. On one of the streams, the viewer suggested initially hiding the map and adding the "Cartographer" upgrade branch in order to be able to use the map and leave marks on it. In fact, a guy in underpants with a stone ax and access to GPS looks strange
  3. 7...6...5...4...3!...2!...1...Happy New Year!!! 😄
  4. I thought there should be an easier way, but thanks anyway. It's more about test worlds and the prefab and world editor. If there is an opportunity to quickly raise the level of a character, then there should be an opportunity to lower it.
  5. At the moment, with the help of the console command, we can quickly raise the level of the character to the maximum. Will it be possible to lower it the same way using the console command? To do this, it is enough to allow the current giveselfxp to take negative values. It is very inconvenient to create a new world every time, so that the character's level would be 1 again. Maybe now there are ways to downgrade a character that I don't know about?
  6. Please tell me which part of the sentence you did not understand
  7. Why did you throw it off to me? Did I write that I want to do modifications or am looking for information about them?No
  8. Caution, there are a lot lot lot of letters.
  9. For this reason, I wanted to know the statistics of the solo / co-op / server.Now I have no doubt that the servers in this game are secondary. I have played 900 hours of solo, most of my friends play solo or co-op. Despite the large number of servers active on them it is very weak, and only a few are of interest for the game. I agree with the words that there are other projects to get a good PvP gaming experience. There is already too much MMO garbage in the world now and it makes no sense to turn our favorite game into another copy.
  10. I'm not interested in non-official statistics.
  11. Are there any statistics at least as a percentage: How many people play solo, co-op, and servers?
  12. You didn't write this in all seriousness, did you? Is it possible to survive without traders at all? Of course you can. Is it possible to play 70 hours in one world and not complete more than one task? Of course, yes. The beauty of playing now is that you have a choice. or or or. You can find an item, or craft an item, or buy an item, with rare exceptions, but we'll skip that for now. Everyone will choose an interesting path of development for themselves. There is no difficulty in adding missing crafting recipes and items to loot. And if in the future there will be a binding of development to the trader, we will get a game, each survival in which will go on rails. At this stage, you will only need to find, at this only craft, and at this point only buy. It's terrible. Trader should remain an alternative, but not a duty.
  13. Probably T2000 Terminators! Liquid streamer metal 😁
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