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Zombie Lag on Day 7 Horde


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I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem and may have a solution for it. 


Currently playing the A20 version on a dedicated multiplayer server. The game itself is running very smooth, no one has had any performance issues but on the night 7 horde the zombies themselves are lagging. While everyone can move with relatively no lag, framerates are not dropping off but the zombies are very laggy. They are just skipping all over the place. We have removed any planted trees around the base, its not a large base, there are no traps or turrets. So I'm not really sure what's causing the lag with the zombies, again its just the zombies nothing else is lagging behind. I have been playing this game for years and have never run into this particular issue, so I'm hoping someone here has run into it and may have a solution because its making the day 7 hordes pointless since the zombies barely pose a threat while lagging. 

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1 hour ago, Star69 said:

Could you post the server log using pastebin? It should have server specs in it as well as recording server fps during the bloodmoon. This would go a long way to sorting your issues.


Thanks for the quick response, I will work on getting the server log and get it uploaded.

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