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Motorcycle disappeared


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Hey Guys,

I just got a motorcycle and did some exploring with it. After completing the POI I went back to my bike and it´s not there anymore. There is still an Icon on the compass (a few meters off the original parking spot), but it´s nowhere to be seen. Is there any way to get my bike (and all the loot in the trunk) back?  Can it be somehow restored or something like that? Cause that´s a real bummer.


Thanks in advance.

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Similar issue.

Just crafted first motorbike in solo game.

Took it for a ride.

Can't remember, possibly game crushed on exit.(game was responsive until I decided to exit, hanged on exit)

I loaded this morning. And boom... No motorbike.

And to add insult to injury,  I put bicycle inside of motorbike, in case i run out of fuel or smth.

FM 7dtd L...


Love the game, Pimps, thanks!

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Thanks Star, will try it. Will be fun encumbered during the night to try to get to my bike 😂 Just hoped there was an easier way.


dimko, I feel you. Also used to trunk as an multi purpose backup, for when things go awry, so yeah there would be quite a bit lost.

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