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Why does this game whack my work after about a month-month and a half grinding every release!


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I have been playing since A14/A15.   Almost every release has WHACKED my major bases every release. Half the bases ends up missing or as in A19 currently  all my Hardened Containers (STASHES) disappear in multiple cites and the CENTER of my Base buildings have all evaporated while the external outside frame remain!  WHY IN GOD'S name should any sane person keep playing this rubbish!   This comes from a 30+ years software engineer.  Lack of quality control or what ever!  Will I ever recommend this game again????  You got to be kidding me!  No wonder, it was being offered for 70% off! 🤮

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Are you saying you are continuing playing an A19 world with A20 and are surprised the game stops working correctly? Well, update instructions say that you should delete old worlds when upgrading to a new alpha.


As a 30+ years software engineer you should know to follow upgrade instructions, right? You should also know that major versions are commonly used to introduce incompatible changes, only minor versions usually keep compatibility. This is a very common standard in the software industry for many years now.



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