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Massive electrical problems (Prefab only)


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Hi folks

We are building a rather large system for our server marketplace, where certain events are started/stopped mainly by time control.

With the prefab editor A19 everything was wonderful, with A20 suddenly extremely strange bugs appear:

I build a generator, then a timer relay and connect consumers to it. At first everything works as usual. But when I log in again, it gets strange: the consumers remain active, although they have no more power. Even if I destroy the generator!

Strange: When I go over them with the tool, they are shown as inactive (gray wattage).

Surprisingly, the bug does not occur when I insert the prefab and start a game with it. Although the originally built system does not work, an exact copy built in the game (generator/timer/consumer) works fine.

I hope that someone can help me or give me a hint, because our whole marketplace concept would be invalid otherwise. Does anyone have similar problems in the prefab editor if applicable?

Glad about any answers




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Lights that are placed within the editor dont need any power sources. They turn on as you switch them on and will stay on indefinitely.

Although it seems to be possible to connect source and consumer with cables within the editor, all the cables are gone once you start a playtest or place the asset ingame.


This means you have to connect everything ingame and also place lights ingame if you want it to consume energy because "editor lights" and "ingame lights" are not the same.


It's a bit of cheating in my opinion, but you can always place your lights in the editor, turn them on without connecting them to anything and they will give light ingame just fine. Dont forget to NOT have the lights overlap, tough. This will cause lag.


This is not a bug, this is a feature (I guess) for asset creators. I build a ton of stuff currently and I would go crazy if I had to connect everything as well a building, painting and decorating.

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Hi @Mistwraith,


thank you for your feedback.


The problem we want to solve here is mainly the fact that we want to control timed elements within the prefab.
For example, we want to turn lights on or off at certain times.
The same with roller shutter doors, which should open when a certain time is reached, but of course should also close.


This worked quite well in A19 with an endless power source that we provided as a MOD.


Or is it possible to control timers in a20 differently, or just not at all ...

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I have made this tiny setup here to test this out, and everything works just fine when using a vanilla generator for energy.

It closes and opens as intended.


My guess is, that the power source mod you are using does not work as intended anymore. A lot of mods broke with the release of A20, as is common in games that get an update.


You could try to make a minimal setup similar to the one you wish to have and try it out with the vanilla generator instead and see if it works.


Another idea is, to check if the power cables are attached properly still. Perhaps it's only an issue with them.



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