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NEW [PVP] [EU] CRODEIN - Wiped 23/12/2021 - 300% XP/ 200% LOOT - A20


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NEW [PVP] [EU] CRODEIN - Wiped 23/12/2021 - 300% XP/ 200% LOOT - A20
NEW [PVP] [EU] CRODEIN - Wiped 23/12/2021 - 300% XP/ 200% LOOT - A20

We started a new Fresh Server for you that is Light modded, not to much.
220 active players Right now
Join us and have fun

The Server will stay 24/7 and have No lags or a High Ping!

Server restart all 2 Hours.

If u want to be a Part from us, Join now and Have Fun with us! :downvote:

Server Settings:
HUD Interface!
+ three slot in forge
lootable corpses
traider refresh every day
loot cleanup
Stainless Steel and more!
Added a Super Auger
Added a Super Nailgun
Added recipes for a engines, acid, mechanical and electrical parts.
Add a Balance System of loot dropping.
Trader have a Safezone!

We are working for new mods, which are server side.

Loot 200%
Xp 300%
Game difficulty: 4
Day/night: 120min
Drop on dead: only backpack
Drop on quit: Nothing
Airdrop marker: Active
Party shared kill range: 500m
Player killing mode: Kill Stranger Only
Land claim size: MAX 15 Claimblocks , every Claimblock have a size of 21x21.

Check our Discord!
Discord Invite: AJRh66n8G5

Join Now!
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