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Removal of Dogs & Wolves mod (A20 Stable)


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I had a go at editing an XML file but I get occasional console pop ups and........all roaming zombies have vanished. POI zombies are there but it's a ghost town otherwise.

I'd just like romero zombies roaming around, can someone either supply a vanilla .xml file or a mod that still works with A20. I recall there being a mod that did this for you, but no doubt it's outdated.

Thanks - I hate dogs and breaks my zombie head canon :)

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I think all that's needed for this is to remove the entity lines from each entitygroup in entitygroups.xml where the entity name is "animalZombieDog" or "animalDireWolf" (assuming you meant the dire wolf and not the normal one).


If you're still having trouble with your own edits, I can take a swing at creating a modlet tomorrow.


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