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  1. OK, so if the lootgroup elements already exist, then you only need to append your new item to those existing elements: <append xpath="/lootcontainers/lootgroup[@name='groupApparelFaceCover']"> <item name="apparelSuperShades" mods="dye" mod_chance="0"/> <!-- Add Super Shades to groupApparelFaceCover lootgroup --> </append> etc.
  2. It looks like you're trying to add your new lootgroups to an element named "loot", but that doesn't exist in the loot.xml file. The root node in that file is "lootcontainers". What happens if you change <append xpath="/loot"> to <append xpath="/lootcontainers"> ?
  3. Don't know about your first issue, but your second one is about closing elements correctly, as the original error stated. You need this kind of structure: <append> <lootgroup> <item /> <-- this is a self-closing element. </lootgroup> <-- this closes the lootgroup element, which you're missing </append>
  4. Hi. I need to move the window/rect/label (whatever it is) that contains the popup text for things like "leveled up" "Quest completed", etc. It appears just above the toolbelt. I need to move it up about 20 pixel but I can't figure out which label it is.
  5. This has nothing to do with scaring others. Do you have any clue what kind of computing power would be needed to implement all the crap you're demanding? Especially on a full multiplayer server? Yeah, I didn't think so.
  6. There's absolutely no such thing as a balanced sandbox game. Period.
  7. I'm loving the helmet "transmog" mods, and I would love to see the other armor/clothing slots get the same treatment! Imagine being decked out in iron armor and BDU clothes, but looking like you just have a hoodie and jeans on with some cloth armor. I just found the ballcap mod and put it on an iron helmet, hadn't had a chance to see this before now. More please!
  8. They were OP because you could put them in a ditch upside down, zombies wouldn't see them but still get damaged by them. You can't do that with the punji stick spike trap.
  9. My setup is triple 1440p monitors at 144hz. I run the game in windowed fullscreen, getting 80+ fps consistently (even in snow biomes). Ultra settings except I turn off things like bloom and motion blur because I don't like them in general.
  10. I use a desktop microphone for team chat... I have an old USB mic by Logitech, but they're not making them any more so they're expensive now. Should be others out there though.
  11. Ugh. I completely understand the need to fix the "invisible barrier" issue with horizontal arrow slit blocks, but maybe just make it so that block can't be rotated to the horizontal? Zombies don't need to be smarter. They should be dumb as rocks, shambling toward brain sources mindlessly.
  12. I started a new RWG game for the new build. FPS is up a bit (but I was at 80+ in the previous build, so...), but more importantly, memory usage is down and GPU load is down by about 30%. Great job on the optimizations so far! I got a great start in this save, too. This screenshot is after looting the first POI I came to, about 60m from where I spawned. It's still day 1 in this shot, around 7pm. Full resolution version at: http://www.ricosweb.net/Day1Loot.jpg
  13. That's exactly what TFP is doing by releasing an experimental version of A18 before releasing it to the general public. Lots of different hardware specs are now helping with the TESTING of the game before it's released. A18 HAS NOT YET BEEN RELEASED.
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