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Sleeper spawning


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Is it only me or do sleepers only spawn where you're super close to them or the room they're in ? like sometimes you look at a room from above and you don't see any zombies ( red dots when clear quest active included ) then you drop down only for them to spawn sometimes right in front of you , if it's something with my settings can someone explain how to fix it ?
i miss the time when the whole floor you're in has it's zombies spawned and shooting one round wakes up the whole floor (sometimes even the one above or below you )

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8 minutes ago, Star69 said:

Everything you're seeing is expected. Unfortunately, in some situations it feels fake.

that's a shame kinda defeats the whole purpose of stealth and agility tree , if the zombie spawns right in front of you you won't have the chance to sneak up on it 

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