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Out of Curiousity, what do these logs mean?


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I wondered if the game would be smoother if I pre-rendered the map using viewmap <map bounds to map bounds>


While it does progress, I also get a lot of these errors:


2021-12-20T10:20:17 1373.503 WRN DecorateChunkOverlapping biome null


2021-12-20T10:21:32 1448.025 WRN No chunk for position -417, 46, -4482, can not add childs to pos -415, 46, -4482! Block cntCollapsedSolarbank


I don't think it has any impact on the game, but am I going to start seeing missing blocks/chunks in the map?



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No you're not going to see blocks missing.  From the way I understand it, the map is broken up into Region files.  Sometimes a prefab is sitting on the border of two regions, and it overlaps between the two.  Every map I've generated since A20 has had this and it hasn't caused me any problems so far.  I'm not 100% sure of the accuracy of what I'm saying, but it's what I've been told.

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