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Loot Level and Parties


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We had a party of four players including the server host. The server host and two others were in the green zone. A fourth member of the party was in the wastelands. The loot level for the party member in the wasteland was 159. The Loot Level for the three in the green zone was 63, 61, and 159. The Server Host had the 159. He was lower level and had not points in lucky looter. Was it intended to have the server host share the max loot level? 


Thank You

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That seems like a bug to me.  The way it should work is that each Loot Level is calculated individually for each player.  The server host probably should have been in the same range as the rest of the party (especially since you stated the host was lower level) in the Green zone.


Question though, was it a mechanics bug (where he had an elevated loot stage level than actual) or just a display bug?  You might want to see if that has been reported already and if not, make a report in the Bug section

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