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advanced RWG wont let me use the map i created?

chuck wollery

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I have generated 8 plus advanced RWG maps but when I try to start a game with that seed I'm told that world already exists and have no option to start a game with it. the only option I get after creating the new map is to look at it and "back". when I enter the seed , everything is red and wont let me start a game with that seed. how do I use any of the maps I generated? If I don't use advanced options it will just generate the seed and start the game. also the buildings don't show on the preview map for me, is my issue because I'm using a potato (just a ryzen 3 with integrated graphics) to play the game? 

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You don't put the seed into the name, instead you scroll what teritory the seed is under like you would to get to Navezgane.


If the territory is called yeehaw mountains, then you scroll to that world and  enter the save files name you want.


I'm not sure about the preview being unable to show buildings. Have you tried clearing older files and verifying the file integrity through Steam?

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ok, I have been trying to put the seeed name in the world seed area that's when it all turns red for me. I think I understand now that i was trying to recreate the world again. my files are verified on steam to be good, I think the previewer issue is my hardware issue.

I only have 2g dedicated gpu ram that's all the ryzen will let me dedicate for the igpu, then 14g of system mem, it's just barley enough and has crashed the game after completing my rwg a few times. I could get a dedicated gpu but since I literally only play this game I'm not willing to spend 4 or 5 hundred to upgrade my pc for it.

thank you!

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