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Looking for 7D2D challenges (open to suggestions!)


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I have a busy schedule planned for A20 so far. Standard playthroughs will be the exception, not the norm. Listed below are the various challenges I have scheduled for myself to tackle at some point, 1-2 playthroughs at a time. Nevertheless, I am always open to suggestions and I encourage discussion in this thread! If anyone is looking for a 7D2D challenge and are interested in hearing ideas you may not have conjured up previously, perhaps this will be the place for just that to happen!


1. No Crafting Challenge. Premise: I can only use what I loot or buy at traders.

(*Alternate: Hardcore version. No purchasing goods from traders, either.)


2. Robin Hood Challenge. Premise: I can only use bows (and crossbows?) and knives/the machete. (I am still debating if I should be allowed to use electric traps. Shotgun/SMG turrets are immediately out, however.)


3. Focused Attribute Challenge. Premise: I must choose which tree to go down and I must max out all of the perks in that attribute before I can move onto another one.


4. Horde every night.


5. Dishong Tower Challenge.


6. Blood moon frequency 1, blood moon range 7, 60 minute days. Premise: Hordes can happen any time. The standard system that is "counting the dates by the week" goes completely out the window.


7. Vegan Challenge. (Farming will be reverted to A19 levels thanks to a mod.)


8. Nightmare/Insane.


9. Base Day One.


10. *Hospital Challenge. Premise: I must fortify the hospital and use it as a horde base / conventional base.

(*Note: Could be switched out for any T5 or even any T4 POI.


11. The Trader's Choice. Premise: Nomad playstyle, horde every night. Every day I must go to the trader, pick a quest for a POI, and so long as I have not used that specific POI before, I must hold down the horde there. Provided I survive I must return to the trader the next morning, and rinse and repeat until my death.


12. No Base Challenge. Premise: I am allowed to plant down storage and workstations. However, I must face every horde night on the streets.

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